Pet Focused Design

March 15, 2022

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about designing with intent, and specifically for your needs. One rather less talked about area is designing a space for pets in the home. While a designated comfy spot or well placed feeding area may seem like a frivolous waste of space, there is actually a lot to be said for how making these choices can make life easier for everyone in the home.

Feeding Station

Food and water bowls brilliantly stashed away in the lower portion of a cabinet with food storage nearby. Having all the necessities in one place and out of the way. Keeping smells down, and spills from accidental bumps of feet passing by is priceless. Whether bowls hidden in a pull out or permanently out you can set the height to your pets needs to help digestion, or old age stiffness. We particularly like having materials that protect from water, and are easy to clean.


We’ve read that covid pets and to sum extent ourselves might have a rough adjustment from being separated from each other. So why not integrate pet space into these rooms? Not only will this make the space feel larger and tidy, with no pet beds/toys taking up floor space, but it is safe, secure, and beautiful.

Pet Wash

Lastly and our personal favourite because it has a wide array of uses, and not just for pets. It’s the pet wash! To be able to conveniently wash your pet after an accident, outing, or most recent adventure, is pure luxury. Not only can it be used for pets but to fill up buckets for cleaning or mopping. Quick rinse of shoes, jackets and other dirty objects. Having a mini area to allow things to make a mess and get clean is amazing.

A lot of these ideas for pets just need a little pre-meditation, and if for some reason or another converting many of these areas is pretty easy. An open cabinet, one can just add shelves and you’ve got more storage. Kennels can convert to custom base cabinets, maybe with some pull-outs. Cabinetry designed for the pets in our lives can add comfort, safety and cleanliness for all. For the growing number of pets in the world and all the food, beds, toys, leashes, and everything else we supply them with. We may as well design with intent.

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