Kristin Leachman: A Gem at Gem Cabinets

January 25, 2024

As we welcome the New Year at Gem Cabinets, we’re excited to introduce a series celebrating our invaluable team members. We are kicking things off by spotlighting Kristin Leachman, a talented designer whose journey with us has been a blend of passion, creativity, and dedication. 

Kristin began at Gem Cabinets five years ago, after a workweek placement at NAIT led her to our doors! Her journey from a drafter to a designer is a testament to her growth and our belief in nurturing our valued employees. 

Kristin’s days as a designer are dynamic. “I get to work on all sorts of projects and create a design to each client’s specific needs and tastes.” Her involvement in projects, from renovations to new builds, big or small, demonstrates her versatility and commitment to excellence.

What makes Gem Cabinets special for Kristin? “Everyone genuinely enjoys what they are doing and who they are doing it for. As a designer, I start the process of a design, but there are many other departments involved in bringing a design on paper to life. It is a real team effort and that shows in the community like atmosphere throughout the company.” 

Kristin’s role goes beyond just creating designs. “I get to work on all sorts of projects and create a design to the client’s specific needs and tastes. With that, I also get exposed to all different design styles and get to step outside my own style or comfort zone.” 

At Gem Cabinets, Kristin has the pleasure of working with six cabinet lines. Her favourites, Cabico and Elmwood, offer a range of custom options suitable for any budget. A recent tour of their factories in Coaticook, Quebec and St. Catharine’s, Ontario only deepened her appreciation for the craftsmanship behind each piece.

“I was able to go through and see the process of how the cabinetry is made from start to finish and with that I was able to gain more appreciation for the quality of the cabinetry that they produce. I love working with the product, because the design options are endless, and I can make the pictures we see on Pinterest possible for my clients.”

As we step into 2024, we asked Kristin about some of the trends she is seeing early into this year as well as some trends in the forecast for the months ahead. “A few weeks into the year I have found that we are trending back towards full wood kitchens. As we transition in 2024, I think we will be seeing more warm colours emerging in designs. Using warmer tones gives spaces a very welcoming and comfortable feeling. I think the mixing of a warmer paint and stained wood will also remain a popular choice this year.”

Kristin’s advice to those planning a kitchen renovation? “Don’t rush into a renovation; the kitchen is one of the most highly used areas in the home and I never want my clients to have regrets. By taking time to meet with me and go through the showrooms to review all the options and more, we can then work on narrowing down what best suits you, your needs, and your space. Being able to go through the design process like that allows us to go through all aspects of the design thoroughly and ensure the final design is what you had envisioned.” 

In kitchen design, the balance between functionality and aesthetics is crucial. “The kitchen is one of the most used areas in the home and together we can work to establish a balance of function and aesthetics that best suits you.”

Kristin’s expertise extends beyond kitchen design. She’s currently completing her Bachelor of Interior Design at Yorkville University, further enhancing her skills and knowledge.

“I am currently in my last semester of studies and look forward to completing my degree in March of this year. My knowledge goes beyond kitchen design so I always tell my clients, don’t hesitate to ask me anything!”

Kristin Leachman is more than a designer; she’s a pivotal member of Gem Cabinets, embodying the values and dedication that make our team strong and lasting. Stay tuned as we continue to celebrate our team members throughout the year, each bringing their own sparkle to Gem Cabinets!

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