Shaelee Bauer: Crafting Dreams with Gem Cabinets

April 23, 2024

At Gem Cabinets, every design tells a story, and every consultant has a unique journey. 

Shaelee Bauer, a talented Design Consultant, has carved out a niche for herself, celebrating two years of transforming spaces at Gem Cabinets. 

Shaelee’s journey began at the Qualico’s DesignQ center, where she initially assisted new homeowners with their cabinet finishes and design tweaks. Her career quickly blossomed, leading her into the sales realm, where she now thrives, designing and quoting projects that range from quaint bathroom revamps to sprawling custom-built homes.

Shaelee describes her typical day as wonderfully mixed, a feature of her job that she loves. “My days tend to vary quite a bit, which is one of the things I love about my role. I am meeting with clients to discuss their designs, going out to the site to measure or for design consultations, and I also draw, design, and quote the projects as well.” 

For Shaelee, the most rewarding aspect of working at Gem Cabinets? “I love meeting with clients and working with their design styles to make their projects come to life.”

When it comes to Gem Cabinets’ array of offerings, Shaelee prefers the Montalco cabinet collection. “They have a wide variety of finishes available that fit within a variety of budget options. Anywhere from custom paints, exotic woods, to thermofoil and melamine.” 

As we step into 2024, Shaelee highlights a shift in aesthetic preferences, predicting a resurgence of wood cabinets. “I have been noticing a lot of warmer tones come back. People have been moving away from cooler toned greys, and are looking to bring in warmer elements to their homes using paint and natural wood tones. More and more people are looking for real wood options, such as walnut, hickory, and white oak.” 

Shaelee offers sage advice for those planning a kitchen remodel: “I always recommend doing some research on different design styles and colours in the early stages of planning your renovations. There are a wide variety of different woods and colors to choose from, and all of the options can be overwhelming at first. Having a starting point is great to have, so I can start with recommending the best cabinets suited for your style,” she advises. 

Additionally, she stresses the importance of considering appliance types and placements early in the design process to ensure that functionality matches the aesthetic appeal.

Reflecting on her career since graduating from NAIT’s Interior Design Technology program in 2018, Shaelee is proud of her growth and the path she has taken in the residential design industry. Her journey with Gem Cabinets is a testament to her dedication, and she’s been a great addition to our team! 

“Working with everyone within the Gem team, everyone is so passionate about what they do, and we all have the end goal of making the projects go as smoothly as possible.”

Whether you are contemplating a simple upgrade or a full-scale renovation, Shaelee’s expertise and the supportive team at Gem Cabinets are ready to bring your dream space to life- contact us today to begin your renovation journey!

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