A Charming and Cheerful White Kitchen

August 7, 2017

We’ve already shared why we think you should love a white kitchen but in case those reasons weren’t enough, we thought we’d share a charming and cheerful kitchen in a beautiful Sarasota Home that might show you just why we love creating bright and beautiful kitchen spaces.

This kitchen shows that size doesn’t matter. The white flat face cabinetry is modern and sleek, making the kitchen appear simple and the clean lines elongate the space and draw your eye up, creating the illusion of space.

For a bit of added decor, the open cabinet cubbies are the perfect space to add a personal touch. Store your cookbooks, less frequently used small kitchen appliances or add a few decorative touches, whatever you prefer!

As you can see, a smaller kitchen doesn’t have to mean less functional either. A peninsula is a perfect solution if you don’t have space for an island. Take advantage of the counterspace of an island without needing the floorspace in the middle of the room.

Thankfully with smart storage solutions and new cabinet organizational features we can ensure that every square inch of your kitchen is as functional as it possibly can be! Get in touch to see how we can maximize your small space and make your kitchen dreams come true!

Proudly manufactured in Canada.