Four Reasons to Choose Slab Doors

March 15, 2019

When you’re designing a kitchen usually one of the first choices you make is door style. There’s shaker, beadboard, inset, glass, raised, arch, flat and many more! Typically your overall design style initially dictates the choices you narrow down. For more modern, minimalist and contemporary leading individuals, a flat panel door style is one we think is definitely worth considering. If you’re not sure if a flat panel cabinet is right for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, we’re here today to share four reasons why we think a slab door is worth considering.

1) European Style

Slab doors have been very popular in Europe for many years. As with many trends that are popular in Europe, it often takes a few years for North America to catch up but over the past few years we’re seeing more and more homeowners choosing slab doors for their kitchens. If you’re looking to achieve a European inspired look, then this door style might be just right for you!

2) Easy to Clean/Wipe

In addition to the appeal of a European influence there’s a very practical reason to choose slab doors for your kitchen – they’re so easy to clean! With no grooves or indents or fussy details, slab panels are a simple wipe to clean. No dusting, no worrying about getting into small grooves to clean and no fuss. Let’s be honest, wouldn’t we all love to worry less about cleaning in our kitchens?

3) Minimalist Modern Design

Flat panel doors are a classic modern design choice. Don’t worry about this trend going away any time soon – flat panel cabinets have and always will be a smart design choice. Whether in a rich wood, bold color or classic white – a flat panel door is versatile and looks fabulous in any finish.

4) Can Be Budget Friendly

Another reason to love a slab door front is the ability to achieve this modern look at nearly any budget. As these doors are a no fuss design, there are many budget friendly options for beautiful slab doors.

What do you think of this modern door style?

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