Going Grey

February 28, 2019

Over the years we’ve talked about a lot of the different kitchen cabinetry finishes that are available. We’ve shared our love for bold red kitchens like this farmhouse beauty; we’ve talked about why white kitchens are classic, how to go bold with a black kitchen and how blue and green cabinet finishes are here to stay.

Today, we want to put the spotlight on a versatile neutral finish that we love – grey cabinetry. Much like there are a myriad of white finishes, there are countless finishes of grey. From subtle to bold, dramatic to light, modern to traditional and so on….

There are many reasons why grey cabinetry is a good choice for a kitchen. Greys work beautifully in two toned kitchens when paired with white. It’s a classic combination that’s timeless and elegant.

Grey can be incredibly dramatic. Dark, bold greys add drama and can create a stunning focal point in a kitchen.

Grey can also be light and soft and airy. Grey can be bright and classic and beautiful.

Grey cabinetry pairs well with brass, black, chrome and nickel hardware – so versatile!

Grey cabinetry also looks fabulous with marble, quartz, granite and butcher block countertops alike!

As a neutral, grey is a chameleon when it comes to design and the combinations of finishes and styles it works well in is endless.

So, as you’re considering your next home kitchen, bathroom or millwork design project – why not consider grey? Come visit our showroom to have one of our design experts show you how you can incorporate this versatile color into your home!

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