Love Your Home

February 15, 2021

The first goal of a designer in almost any field is to build, design, or create something that someone will love. Whether that be something specific or something general for all. We’ve read hundreds of quotes lately like “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first” or “If you have the ability to love, love yourself first” but how do those apply to your home and your design choices. We understand our own needs and to place those first. If we can remember being on airplanes, we’re asked to put our own mask on before we help others. We think the same has to be done with the home as well. Some of the first questions to ask when designing for someone is what do you want? What are you looking for? What is important to you. Sure you want a large island to host dinner parties and friends but that pot filler, second sink, or the elegant spa like ensuite is for you. We live in a world where we need to be sustainable, not just in our relationship with things that we use or purchase or want, but also with ourselves. Relax, Recharge, Simplify are just a few ways that we can sustain ourselves for what we hope is a happier, longer, life.


This one is easier said than done but is there a place in your home you can relax? Get away? The best place to be alone almost 100% of the time is on the loo. Maybe that’s why ensuites have gotten so big? What if you aren’t a bath person? Well you could go for a deluxe shower design, or outdoor escapes, or something as simple as a big comfy chair with a side table and fireplace or even just a scented candle. Whatever that thing is for you, dedicating a space to self-care can make it easier to step away from the busyness of daily life and check in with yourself.


Sometimes relaxing is recharging but binging a tv show or shows, laying around in pj’s and snacking out to the max doesn’t always recharge our batteries and oftentimes too much of that leads down a dark tunnel. So what do you need? It’s not ironic if you have a space to do something you love, that is attractive and set up, to do that passion that makes you more likely to do it. It’s just logic. As an example maybe think about turning that spare bedroom into a workout room. Sometimes we need a physical space as a visual reminder to make time for our hobbies on a regular basis.


A few years ago we had Marie Kondo going through our houses getting rid of things that don’t bring us joy. That idea still is a good way to simplify but there are other things that we as designers can do to simplify. Like designing a kitchen with the right flow and space to make it easy to wash the dishes right when we are done with them so a huge Mount Fuji of dishes doesn’t pile up that we have to return to later. How about a closet that has enough storage for hampers so that the laundry doesn’t pile up on the floor and give us anxiety about nothing to wear, when in fact we do have things to wear they are just on the floor and not eligible.

Good design does more than just look good or help get a job done. It hopefully allows us to do more of what we love. As a famous person has always said “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else!” So love your home, love your design and if you don’t… you know where to find us.

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