NatureKast is in our Summer Forecast!

June 25, 2023

Summer has arrived and with it, comes the beautiful evenings that we get to share outside with friends and family! After all, what’s better than dining al fresco on a perfect summer night with those you care about? 

If you’re a fan of outdoor dining and you’re looking to upgrade your backyard for those exquisite July and August evenings, we recommend taking a closer look at NatureKast and their top of the line outdoor cabinets and kitchens! 

This Canadian company has been around since 2009, and we can see why they continue to thrive with their top of the line, high-end outdoor kitchens. 

Naturekast’s story was born out of a growing frustration with the lack of options for outdoor cabinetry that had the warmth and familiarity of wood. In 2005, NatureKast was able to create a similar mold of a beautifully crafted wooden door with a high density resin, that allowed for a fully weatherproof kitchen experience!

Since then, they have created a variety of features and finishes to match whatever style you’d like to have reflected in your outdoor kitchen- whether you’d prefer a rustic or modern space outdoors, NatureKast has a wealth of options available. 

Not only is their cabinetry weather-proof, it can also accommodate all your dining requirements- whether you’re looking to add a barbecue, pizza oven, ceramic grill or cooktop to your outdoor configuration, NatureKast can adapt to your dream setup! 

Naturekast kitchens blend seamlessly with the Galley Workstation to create the ultimate outdoor dining experience for you and your guests! And the best part? We carry both brands at Gem Cabinets! 

With the industry’s widest range of outdoor TV cabinets, Naturekast also has a plethora of options for those who enjoy the home theatre experience- after all, movies are so much better under the stars! 

There’s so much to dream about! Get started on planning your outdoor dining oasis, and visit us at Gem Cabinets to chat more about NatureKast and their incredible weatherproof kitchens!

Proudly manufactured in Canada.