Things We Are Thankful For

October 13, 2020

With Thanksgiving still lingering, we thought we would reflect on some of our favourite design elements, and here are the ones we are most thankful for: 

Soft-close Everything

From drawers, to cabinet doors. No longer will we hear the glasses clinking in place as the cool breeze of the door being slammed one hundred kilometers an hour.  We can’t forget about soft-close drawer slides as well, cramming those drawers full of plates, reusable plastics, pots and pans, all coming to a nice slow stop like careful drivers in a school zone crosswalk.  We are thankful for being able to hear a conversation or laughter instead of crashing and banging.

Photography & Printing Technology

You may or may not know but the reason our engineered hardwood, laminate cabinet doors, basically anything that is appearing to replicate a real material is so good right now is because of the advances in photography and printing.  Photography in 8k and being able to print that with no visual loss is how we now have materials that can stand up to years of use and barely show it.  The ability to make an object that naturally isn’t waterproof, and easy to wipe clean into a cabinet door that is all of those things is magic.  We are thankful for the less time we spend cleaning and more time it gives us to do or spend on other more important things.

Design Trends of the Last Decade

Looking back over that last decade we are really happy to see that very rarely are our designs outdated.  That has a lot to do with good design being able to withstand time and generations but also that the trends that we make and follow have been great.  A few of these aren’t even trends but movements or philosophies, like Scandinavian, or minimalist.  It’s just nice to know that for the last while putting money into a design means not having to replace it a few years down the road. We are so thankful for good design & designers.

What design trends are you most thankful for?

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