3 Reasons to Choose a Floating Bathroom Vanity

May 19, 2017

When it comes to designing a bathroom space that is both beautiful and functional, one of our favourite styles to design with is a floating vanity. Floating vanities are mainly contemporary but they have a few benefits we thought we’d talk about today in case you’re on the fence about floating your vanity or going the standard route.

1. Floating Vanities Make Your Space Look Bigger

When you float your bathroom vanity, the flooring can extend all the way to the wall, rather than stopping at the skirting or base of the cabinets. This extension instantly makes the room appear larger. Since washrooms are typically smaller rooms in a home, a small bit of visual space goes a long way to making a room feel larger than it is.

2. Floating Vanities Make Your Bathroom Easier to Clean

Floating vanities tend to be contemporary which means cleaner lines and less nooks and crannies for dust and dirt to collect. Plus, the space underneath the vanity makes it easy to access the floor and area underneath the vanity for cleaning. Simple really is best when it comes to ease of cleaning and floating vanities are just that!

3. Floating Vanities Allow for More Flexibility with Decor

The space left below the vanity allows for a bit more creativity with adding decor. Get funky with patterns in your floor tile or add baskets below for an added touch. The added space creates one more area to show off your decor style and add a bit of interest to the room.

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