4 Reasons to try Open Upper Shelving in Your Kitchen

January 26, 2017

When it comes to kitchen design, a feature we love to incorporate into many of our projects is open upper shelving. When we make this suggestion to a client we’re working with we’re sometimes met with hesitation. Sure, with open shelving you need to have your pieces styled and you’re exposing dishes to the open meaning you might need to dust these pieces a little more regularly however, with open shelving comes lots of both visual and functional benefits. Today, we’re going to share 4 reasons we think you should try open shelving in your kitchen.


1. You don’t need to fully commit
When people hear about having open shelving in their kitchen most will assume we’re suggesting to fully get rid of their closed upper cabinets which is rarely the case! Rather, incorporate this feature in just one area or along one wall for a unique design feature to showcase some of your favourite pieces.


2. Make a small space feel larger
If your kitchen space is on the smaller side, opening up the room with open shelving or cabinetry is a great way to trick the eye into feeling that the space is larger. When a visually bulky cabinet is replaced with an open shelf, the result is a more open design concept which always makes a room feel more open and therefore, larger.

3. Display your favourite pieces
Open shelving is a great opportunity to be able to proudly and attractively display your favourite pieces. Maybe you want to show off your family’s china, or perhaps you splurged on some beautiful kitchenware in a beautiful color or finish. Or, maybe you want a chance to incorporate some greenery or other decor accents into your kitchen. Whatever the case may be, open shelving creates the perfect opportunity to infuse your personal style into the kitchen through your choice in what you display.

4. Helloooo convenience!
In addition to providing the perfect place to store your more visually appealing kitchenware, an open shelf creates a great spot to also store your most frequently used items. If you find yourself using a particular bowl or set of dishes, small appliance or even certain spices every day, rather than leave it to take up room on your counters, or have to store it in your cabinets daily, why not leave it easily accessible on your open shelving?


We hope these reasons have given you a little food for thought when it comes to open shelving in kitchen design. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments below!

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