How to Make Your Laundry Room Look Like a Spa

January 25, 2017

Chances are, you saw the title of this post and went “pffft” there’s nothing spa like about doing laundry and while that may be true, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a “spa like” space where you can do that laundry. We want to talk about how to achieve a space that is functional and fashionable and maybe – just maybe, will make doing laundry a little more relaxing. After all, who wouldn’t be relaxed in this beautiful laundry room?


So, if you want a zen like laundry space in your own home – here’s 3 tips we suggest for getting this look.

  1. Opt for light wood – When we think of a spa space, we usually think of spa rocks, light rooms and light wooden accents. To achieve the spa like look in this space, we selected a light natural wood tone that would evoke those feelings of being in a calm and soothing space.
  2. Add natural elements – Just as the light natural wood creates a spa like environment, so does adding other elements that can be found in nature. Accessorize and accent the room with rocks or natural stone elements and lots of greenery. Doing so not only brings the feeling of the outdoors inside, but also carries the theme of a zen like space with calming natural accents.
  3. Allow for space – A spa like room is rarely ever crowded. We needed closed shelving for practicality and storage but allowed for open shelving to store specifically styled pieces and allow for some visual space. Keep your styling simple and minimal so that clutter doesn’t build up.

Follow these tips to create your own calming laundry space. If you’re stuck, come on by our showroom and one of our many qualified designers can talk to you about how to achieve this look and feeling into your own home!

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