Charming Character Kitchen

November 11, 2016

When we work with a client who wants a coloured kitchen, we’re always so excited to see the results. As we’ve shared before – we love a bold red kitchen and this space is certainly no exception.

This rustic kitchen has been one of our favorite projects and is one we wanted to highlight today.

Unlike the previous red kitchen we shared, this space is quite rustic with farmhouse details. We loved the unique wood plank backsplash idea to tie in the wooden frames and beam details in the space. To protect the material, we suggested a sheet of glass cut to size to protect the wood from staining or wearing from food or oil splashes. Despite being a quite large and open space, the warmth of this wood keeps the room feeling cozy.

What we love so much in this space is all of the contrast. We see high contrast not only with the dark wood and white walls but also with the bright red cabinets and white walls. Though a bold color choice, this red still has a warmth and softness in it’s tone that makes the cabinets stand out without being too jarring. The dark grey countertop almost disappears in the space and allows the cabinets to be the focus of the room.

One of our favourite elements of the space was this old table that we turned into an island. A glass sheet again protects the surface from scratching and staining while still showing off the beauty of the wood. We love when homeowners have great unique ideas like this. There’s no rule that says you can’t transform a piece of furniture into a functioning kitchen island and we think this table looks perfect in this room.

These homeowners have impeccable taste and their styling and finishing touches bring this warm and eclectic space together. What do you think of this kitchen? Do you prefer a more rustic approach to bold color, or a more modern take on the red kitchen? Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!


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