Magazine Worthy

June 15, 2022

We’ve found that, sometimes, all you need is a new perspective. This could be said of a lot of things, but today we’re looking at it in terms of the spaces in our homes. We all love seeing beautifully curated spaces, but when we look at our own homes will often say, “I could never possibly have that.” Well, we are here to tell you that, yes, you can—and without spending millions or building something new. Instead, simply grab your camera, and look at your spaces through the perspective of a photographer. Here are some tips on getting a Magazine Worthy space.

Remove the Clutter

At the top of the list of having a photographic space is removing the clutter. It is easy to accumulate “stuff” over time and not notice. The secret, however, is to have less stuff and to curate it. It’s why when we first move into a house, it probably looks better than after we’ve been there for decades. To spot your clutter with fresh eyes, simply take a picture of your space, and focus in to see if there is anything that can be sold, gifted, removed, or simply put away. As tempting as it may be to keep jamming your favourite things into a small space, consider displaying fewer things in rotation—maybe seasonal, or mood dependent. The goal is to let each piece breathe and to make it important to the space around it.

Bring It to Life

The pictures we often gravitate to have some form of life in them, be it plants, fruit, or both. A photo may be still, but that doesn’t mean we don’t imagine our other senses through it. I’m sure you’ve read that plants can boost both physical and mental health. Well, we find that even having fresh ingredients out can make a difference. The fresh smell of plants, the feel of the fuzz on a peach, the zest from oranges—they all resonate. There’s just something tangible about seeing it and wanting it. We’ve done entire articles on bringing the outside in, and this won’t be the last time you hear about the health benefits of plants.

Add Texture & Balance

A space without a variety of textures can feel sterile, dull, and cold. Fortunately, this is so easy to address: introduce a furry pillow, a fluffy blanket, a woven rug, and—bam!—you’ve got instant interest, variation, and texture. Texture is a category that we always recommend to “Mix and Max!” From there, it’s just about balancing. You don’t want all tiny pieces that will make the space feel like it was built for ants. The opposite is also true: too big and you’ll feel small and claustrophobic. Balancing large and small with heavy and light will make the space dynamic and calming.

So grab your camera, and start snapping! Taking pictures and viewing them through the perspective of a photographer will help you focus in on your rooms and decide what to keep, change, add, or subtract.

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