Nature in the Home

March 31, 2020

We are spending a lot of time at home right now, let’s turn to what can be done in our new environment. There has been lots of studies done on how time spent in green spaces has been found to be associated with lowered levels of stress, improve memory, and heighten creativity.  Obviously you can go and get some plants, trees, and flowers to your heart’s extent and I would advise you do so.  A little greenery on a desk really changes things very easily. Let’s also look at some examples of bringing nature into the home permanently that may not require water and a green thumb.

“In a 2017 study led by Xi Zhang at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, participants were less stressed and fatigued in wooden indoor spaces than non-wooden ones. Using measures that included blood pressure, skin temperature, near-distance vision, and heartbeat, the researchers concluded that wood-filled environments had positive benefits for the respiratory and nervous systems and helped facilitate restoration after work.”

Skylights and windows will brighten any space no matter the season.  Let that sunshine in.

Go full indoor nature and build a kitchen in a greenhouse.

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