September 13, 2022

We really enjoy looking at new, beautiful, kitchen and bathrooms, who doesn’t? That is one of the great things about being a designer, the fact you get to start with a vision in your mind, see the before, and see the after and the dramatic difference. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or an entire floor of a house. This week we are exploring design trends from the past. Trends from back in the day that should have never happened. If your home or space still looks like this, it may be time to call us!

This one colour wonder, is definitely dated. Monochromatic trends are current, but thankfully we have evolved beyond this type of look and feel.  If you like one colour, sure go monochrome with it, but we still scratch our heads on how this stayed around for so long. These are one of our favourites to design. The matching toilet cover just makes us laugh, classic.

The dark ages!  Not even white appliances could brighten up this kitchen. Crowding the counters with a microwave, bread maker, coffee maker, ensures there is no counter space. The beige, the white, all the off whites just make this sad. It all feels a bit dated and mismatched.

Let’s put carpet everywhere! We couldn’t be more thankful that the trend of carpet in the bathroom has ended.  The mix of water and carpet was clearly never a good idea. Layout aside the mix of colours, textures and surfaces make this an interesting take on bathroom design. Maybe they should have stopped with the wallpaper on this one.

This would be one of those “but the bones are good” designs. Not a bad layout, but those countertops are really something. We haven’t seen tile countertops in a while. Tile countertops were never level, they were scratchy, you couldn’t slide something or have something level. We are so glad with what we have now with concrete, laminates, and other stone products are so good.

Things change all the time. We are here to help and show you what is here, and what will stay for a long time.

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